How Bitcoin’s Price Slump Is Changing the Geography of Mining

Although China remains, by far, the leading region for bitcoin mining, the coronavirus downturn is changing the picture in other geographies. According to Thomas Heller, business director of one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining operations, F2Pool, market dips have made it unprofitable for some bitcoin (BTC) miners with older machines to operate. “We lost 10 percent of our bitcoin hashrate from our clients, for some of our competitors it was closer to 30 […]



Cryptocurrency Lender Nexo Introduces PAX Gold Credit Line for Retail Investors

Digital asset lender Nexo has introduced a PAX Gold (PAXG) credit line for retail clients. Nexo’s management noted that it will allow all investors to use the PAXG token as a collateral option. This offering was only available for the company’s institutional clients. PAXG is an ERC-20 compliant token developed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. PAXG tokens are reportedly backed by one troy ounce of a 400 troy ounces London Good Delivery gold bar, […]



How Blockchain Could Save the Music Industry from the Threat of Technology

Sharelines Did you know that there was a time, not so long ago, when the only way to listen to music was live and in-person? No, I’m not talking about a live stream from your favorite band on Facebook or YouTube, but listening to the music at a venue congregated alongside a small or large group of similarly-minded folks who liked the same kind of music you did. In pre-historic times like the year […]

Ripple’s Upcoming IPO Splits XRP Investors into Happy and Disappointed Ones, Here’s Why

During the World Economic Forum that is currently taking place in Davos, Switzerland, Brad Garlinghouse announced that Ripple intends to conduct an IPO within the next twelve months. He did not specify the time it is meant to happen, he just said that ‘it’s a natural evolution for our company’ and that he expects Ripple ‘to be on the leading side’. Gradually, various responses started to appear on crypto Twitter, which clearly show that […]



Fashion Blockchain – Critical To The Future Of Fashion & Smart Clothes

Fashion Blockchain – The issue with fashion is that some get it, and some don’t. But that’s just fine as fashion trends and styles are not for everybody. However, one thing is for sure. Fashionable or not, wearing clothes is required by law. Irrespective of gender, age, political views or religion, we all must wear clothes in public. While the requirement of wearing clothes in public might never change, as the fashion industry develops […]

Kraken Continues Acquisition Spree, Buys Australian Bit Trade

Photo: Aziz Abdel-Qader Share this article Kraken , one of the world’s longest-operating cryptocurrency exchanges, today finalized its acquisition of yet another company in the blockchain industry, this time taking over Bit Trade, one of Australia’s pioneer digital asset platforms. Since 2013, Bit Trade allows customers to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the Australian dollar, along with several supported deposit methods including credit and debit cards. The platform supports major coins […]



Food and Beverage Retail Market Analysis Growth Opportunities and Trends by Forecast To 2028

Food and Beverage Retail Market: Snapshot There are several scopes for the growth in the global food and beverage organizations. However remaining on the lead position of new technologies, such as blockchain, alongside changing buyer’s inclinations and increasing costs, all while improving, is foreseen to be some of the key strategies in the fragmented marketplace. Get Free Sample of Research Report @ People around the world are experimenting with exotic and new flavors. […]




Nike Patents ‘CryptoKicks’ Blockchain Shoes

Nike has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent Office for the sneaker company’s new blockchain-compatible sneakers, which are called “CryptoKicks,” according to reports.

The CryptoKicks will be attached to a system that will use blockchain to attach digital assets to the actual shoes. Nike’s plan is to be able to track the ownership and legitimacy of the item using the blockchain system.

When a customer buys CryptoKicks, they will get an actual digital asset that is tied directly to the shoe. This will create a sort of digital scarcity, as it will be tied to the actual manufacturing of the sneakers.

“When a consumer buys a genuine pair of shoes, a digital representation of a shoe may be generated, linked with the consumer and assigned a cryptographic token, where the digital shoe and cryptographic token collectively represent a ‘CryptoKick,’” the patent said.

If the sneakers are sold to a different person, ownership can be transferred using the digital assets and system. The assets get stored in a “digital locker,” which functions as a crypto wallet of sorts.

The original patent was filed in April, and although it was awarded, there is no release date mentioned.

Last chance to save: Late registration to Disrupt Berlin 2019 ends tonight

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The countdown status to Disrupt Berlin 2019 stands at T-minus 24 hours. Yep, the doors to prolific opportunity open tomorrow at Arena Berlin.

It’s not too late to join thousands of your startup colleagues, but today’s the last day you can save money on the price of admission.

Our late registration for Disrupt Berlin closes tonight at 11:59 p.m. (CEST) . Don’t miss your last chance to save up to €200 over the onsite […]



Lenzing unveils blockchain technology for traceability

Paris – The Lenzing Group entered the age of digital traceability, showing its blockchain technology at the Première Vision show here. The leader in specialty fibers made from renewable material wood will use the technology to support its Tencel branded fiber business, ensuring transparency and traceability for brands and consumers of its fibers in finished products. Lenzing is partnering with Hong Kong-based TextileGenesis on the project. The supply chain transparency froms from wood to […]