Blockchain in fashion – Sarah Regensburger deploys Vechain solutions

After the sports industry, now its time for blockchain in fashion. The famous Sarah Regensburger fashion line has chosen Vechain to improve its supply chain processes. The collaboration uses blockchain-based supply chain solutions to boost traceability and efficiency of product delivery.

The fashion industry, just like many others, has chosen to join the blockchain revolution in a bid to introduce more transparency in their processes. The latest name to join is Sarah Regensburger that has joined hands with Vechain to streamline their distribution operations and design processes. Vechain is based in Singapore and offers various ‘distributed ledger technology’ (DLT) solutions to its clients.

According to the announcement, the owner of Sarah Regensburger deploys Vechain after it was mighty impressed with the potential offered by blockchain. Consequently, they decided to implement Vechain’s solutions in their distribution operations to boost transparency in the handmade garments division and ensure that the customers are aware of their cloth designing and supply-chain process.

The blockchain in fashion collaboration will help companies interact more openly with their retail customers and also the supply chain partners and other participants crucial to the final product delivery.

A Safer Harbor: Improving Hester Peirce’s Proposal for Regulating Token Sales

Donna Redel is the former Chairman of COMEX, a Board Member of New York Angels and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School. Olta Andoni is an Adjunct Professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Peirce’s CoinDesk op-ed is here . Further reactions were published here and here . In February, Commissioner Hester Peirce proposed a new safe harbor which, if passed into a formal rule, would radically change the legal terrain for […]




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SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce says digital assets could one day be ‘the money of the internet’⠀ ¬⠀ At a #cryptocurrency compliance #summit in #NewYork hosted by #Solidus Labs today, #SEC Commissioner #HesterPeirce spoke about the US #Securities and #Exchange Commission's (SEC) views on #cryptocurrencies, how the U.S. can improve the process for new regulations, and how the #SEC enforces #cryptocurrency fraud.⠀ #Peirce states that she views #digitalassets as "#transaction mechanisms" and that she believes store of value is an important function of these assets. "#Storeofvalue, I think, is a really important function.⠀ ¬⠀ Tag 2 friends who need to see this! 👇⠀ ¬⠀ Follow @crypto_sheen for more!👈⠀ Follow @crypto_sheen for more!👈⠀ Follow @crypto_sheen for more!👈⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ Credits : @cryptoindians ⠀ #bitcoin #ethereum #satoshiclan #cryptocurrency #bitcoinprice #bitcoinexchange #cryptocurrencynews #cryptomarket #bitcoineurope

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How Blockchain Could Save the Music Industry from the Threat of Technology

Sharelines Did you know that there was a time, not so long ago, when the only way to listen to music was live and in-person? No, I’m not talking about a live stream from your favorite band on Facebook or YouTube, but listening to the music at a venue congregated alongside a small or large group of similarly-minded folks who liked the same kind of music you did. In pre-historic times like the year […]

Fashion Blockchain – Critical To The Future Of Fashion & Smart Clothes

Fashion Blockchain – The issue with fashion is that some get it, and some don’t. But that’s just fine as fashion trends and styles are not for everybody. However, one thing is for sure. Fashionable or not, wearing clothes is required by law. Irrespective of gender, age, political views or religion, we all must wear clothes in public. While the requirement of wearing clothes in public might never change, as the fashion industry develops […]

Kraken Continues Acquisition Spree, Buys Australian Bit Trade

Photo: Aziz Abdel-Qader Share this article Kraken , one of the world’s longest-operating cryptocurrency exchanges, today finalized its acquisition of yet another company in the blockchain industry, this time taking over Bit Trade, one of Australia’s pioneer digital asset platforms. Since 2013, Bit Trade allows customers to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the Australian dollar, along with several supported deposit methods including credit and debit cards. The platform supports major coins […]



New Miller Lite Trivia Game Answers How Blockchain Can Be Used by Marketers

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Vatom Labs uses Blockchain-enabled SmartMedia Objects (SMOs) to award Miller Lite patrons in bars and restaurants Getty Images165167132 As blockchain technology becomes more widely adopted by marketers, its applications and limits come into focus. In terms of curbing ad fraud, blockchain can help support a transparent marketplace , but it isn’t speedy and efficient enough to verify legitimate trades as they happen . Ad exchanges aren’t nearly as much fun as other potential uses, […]

Businesses can now claim their trademark blockchain domains, before it’s too late

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Unstoppable Domains is giving trademark holders until October 15 to claim their “uncensorable” web domains before they are immutably etched on-chain. If they’re not your keys, it’s not your website. Unstoppable Domains , a San Francisco-based company that offers “uncensorable” websites through the Zilliqa blockchain , today announced a “sunrise period” lasting from now until October 15 to give trademark holders the opportunity to claim their non-custodial .zil domain. Claiming domains now will allow […]


Targeting millennial jewellery shoppers

Millennials have been called a generation of industry-killers. The buying trends of this iconoclastic age group have severely dented several industries, including beer, napkins and mayonnaise. The spending power (or, more importantly, non-spending power) of millennials shouldn’t be underestimated. Forbes declared them the generation with the highest buying potential. So, as more industries take steps to understand the mind of the millennial consumer, it’s natural to wonder: is jewellery fated to go the same […]

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>>>Swipe on >>> Age is just a number. But we'd like to read between those numbers because, each generation has its own set of characteristics that shape its shopping habits. The key to create an effective campaign is based on understanding generational tendencies, whether it is for a millennial-targeted coffee shop or a grocery store for all age groups. Here's a breakdown of every generation's shopping parameters and preferences. #PAD #Shoppers #GenerationB #BabyBoomers #GenX #GenY #GenZ #Millenials #OnlineShopper #ShoppersPsychology #ConsumerInsight #ConsumerPsychology #Advertising #Research #Communication #IntegratedCommunications #Shopoholic #RetailShopper #DigitalShopper

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Blockchain Projects are Helping Bring Trust Back to Charity


In 2018, trust in charities dropped from 67% to 55% in comparison to 2008. Blockchain projects such as GiveTrack, AidCoin, Pinkcoin and Electroneum are ensuring donations get to those in need. People around the world donate circa $700 billion to charity annually, but where does this money really go? Most charities spend at least 30% of donations in overhead and events to raise more funds. But that’s in the best of cases. Some organisations […]

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Blockchain in Supply Chain: Industry to Reach $10 Billion in 6 Years

Allied Market Research (AMR), a market research and consulting firm based in India, published a report on 8 th July saying that the global blockchain supply chain market might be worth around 9 billion dollars by the year 2025. The firm expects that the market will show a compound growth rate of more than 80% from the year 2018 to 2025 and in 2025 the market can be worth upward of $9.85 billion. AMR’s […]