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We are a trusted group of “block-head-dudes” located in Los Angeles, USA; Vancouver, Canada; and Paris, France. Our founding members have a diverse skill set of experience and ownership in: digital media and advertising; IT software and platform development; filmmaking, and blockchain and cryptography architecture.

This collective experience, as a whole, has led us to create our own patent pending proprietary application that will disrupt—while solving a major “ad click fraud” problem within the $210 billion dollar global online advertising sector —

We have a common vision and passion about how blockchain will revolutionize and simplify the way we live and do business. We believe that if we chronicle and share this global journey with our audience and network, we will all learn and adopt a new way of thinking through a better way of solving problems with pioneers who are creating blockchain solutions.

We look forward to learning alongside our community and collectively—finding creative paths to a new way of doing business on the block.

“The old question ‘Is it in the database?’ will be replaced by ‘Is it on the blockchain?’” – William Mougayar

Last Updated: 06.15.19

BHD Network Corp

We have created a one-stop Blockchain News Network site with daily original content focusing on all the facets of Blockchain that matter most to our regular visitors, news continually aggregated from the web featuring top stories from around the Blockchain world, a member's page for readers to curate their own content, a Blockchain eNewsletter that provides trending news briefs once a week, a social media streaming feed to keep visitors informed on what's trending and a soon to be launched first-of-its-kind embedded Blockchain rewards program.


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