VeChain CEO Tracks Impact of Ethereum on His Rising Blockchain Platform

Sunny Lu, chief executive officer of VeChain, says a momentous meeting with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin in 2015 influenced him to create the supply chain management blockchain. In a recent PANews interview, Lu recounts how he learned about Bitcoin in 2013. At the time, he was studying the cryptocurrency as a hobby. Two years later, he got an invitation to meet Buterin. Says the CEO, “I can still remember vividly from our conversation about […]




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#Vechain just released their long anticipated whitepaper this morning! This is a coin I’ve suggested many students to invest in when they ask for a high potential yet safe investment. It is difficult to go wrong with so many big names (PwC, DNV GL, BMW…the list is long) and you can be sure that these corporations can perform better due diligence than typical casual investors. – From what I’ve gathered from the whitepaper so far, one point stands out. ”business growth of 20 billion usd as “Vechain GDP” running on the Vechain Thor Blockchain.” These numbers will be incredible if they can follow through with their promise. Your thoughts on VET? • • Access my crypto trading strategies (link in bio @uptixs) 💸 • • • • #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #invest #ethereum #money #bitcoinmining #bitcoinnews #bitcoinprice #lamborghini #blockchain #millionaire #investor #trading #lifestyle #newyork #investment #goals #motivation #entrepreneur #luxury #ferrari #vancouver #toronto #forex #rich #btc #eth

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