Blockchain App ‘Smashboard’ Offers Help for India’s Sexual Abuse Victims

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According to the Smashboard website, it is an “alternative social media network with special features for people of all genders fighting patriarchy.” The app aims to make the life of the sexual abuse victim easier by reducing the trauma associated with reporting the crime.

With the help of blockchain technology, Smashboard allows users to create private and encrypted ledgers of the crime they have suffered and store them securely online. For instance, Smashboard gives users the option to collect material “that can serve as a journal or as time-stamped evidence in an encrypted personal space.”

More importantly, the app allows sexual abuse victims to find legal counselors or lawyers, and interact with them privately. The victims can also connect with feminist journalists and can even leave an anonymous tip for them.

Smashboard offers all of these features with pseudo-anonymity. This means that sexual abuse victims won’t have to disclose their true names so that they can get comfortable with reporting the crime. This feature would be of great help to victims who go through undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and refrain from seeking help after suffering from sexual abuse.

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