Blockchain Projects That Impact Our Daily Lives

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Over the past few years industry has been making significant inroads into using blockchain for applications other than cryptocurrency.  From fintec to Internet of Things (IOT) to smart contracts—the promise of blockchain to make industry more nimble and secure has industry and the blockchain community in a race to be the next best thing in their space.

Many exciting blockchain projects have already launched in 2019. John Peterson says in a Quora reply that  over “100 projects based on blockchain tech have been launched so far this year.” Many of which are exciting and will catch your attention.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is the code that underpins Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency can only survive with an extremely secure ecosystem, and it was created to give the community transparency—it has caught the attention of industry.

According to the authors of Connectbit , well over 40 of the world’s leading and largest financial companies, such as JP Morgan, have made strides in blockchain. Indeed, they have “formed a consortium to investigate the blockchain for faster and more secure transactions.” Moreover, its use and applications are “becoming more wide-spread,” the article continues.

The two primary features of blockchain include:

    1. Provides security to your data, and builds trust, and
    2. It can record nearly everything of value in blocks thereby creating an immutable history.
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The Top 5 for 2019

Blockchain Council  reviewed what it considers the top 5 blockchain projects that can impact people’s daily lives.  No longer are blockchain projects strictly focused on industrial needs such as supply chains, or using blockchain enabled IoT to monitor farming conditions.

Blockchain developers are now looking at how blockchain can improve our daily lives from social media to pet care. Let’s take a look at five projects that can change your life.

Uhive.  If you are looking for alternatives to Facebook or Instagram, this may be of interest to you. Uhive is a social networking blockchain project designed to take social media to the next level—allowing users to connect with family and friends. Uhive provides a feature called ‘Grey World’—to allow anyone to use a new identity that create increase privacy. In this way one can “interact in ‘deep web chat rooms.’”  Moreover—the platform offers Uhive utility tokens, ERC-20, based on Ethereum technology.  Users engaging in day-to-day social activities on Uhive will be rewarded.

CogniPet.  Are you a pet lover? Here’s a project design to help you protect your little ones (or not so little) at home.  CoginPet, leveraging blockchain technology, “establishes a deep connection between humans and animals using Artificial Intelligence.”

It has an image recognition feature that gives the pet owner or other interested users a link to help pet owners easily trace their pets.

CogniPet is currently working on an app that will help users arrange their pet photos so that it can be stored in a database.  Owners will be able collate data on an animal, store data and pet photos on the blockchain. The data will include locations and time stamps—which are immutable and secure. Paper documents are replaced with a digital certificate. Pet breeders and owners can use this digital certificate to transfer ownership.

Goeureka. Here’s a project that is poised to disrupt online booking services. If you need to stay in a hotel or other accommodation in any part of the world—Goeureka is a blockchain project that can match you to hotel that meets your needs. If you need accommodation in any part of the world, you can use blockchain technology to provide you with the best hotel that meets your specifications.

Goeureka, with over 4,00,000 hotels, they say, in various parts of the world. Goeureka is looking to using this project to create transparency to remove many of the hidden costs within the industry—thereby cutting costs to the traveler.

Cinemadrom. For cinematographers who are looking for alternatives to fund and distribute their movies.

With Cinemadrom, cinematographers will be able to get funding for movie projects, and use the platform to distribute their movies. Cinemadrom enables cinematographers to enter international markets. In summary, this platform is ideal for “online movies, film agencies, social networks, film markets, film studios, film distribution, etc.”

Odem.  One project that can make a difference in people’s lives is Odem. This blockchain project has a focus on education and skill acquisition.  It helps those seeking employment with learning skills to improve their employment opportunities. “It has been designed to curb the increasing unemployment rate across the globe.”

Once the training is complete, the prospective employee will have credentials that can be shared with prospective employers once the training is complete.

Source: Blockchain Council


The promises of blockchain go well beyond the frenzy of cryptocurrency hype, or even the hype of blockchain being a panacea for all things that ails society. However—as researchers continue to explore the leading edge of what blockchain can do, useful projects that can affect our daily lives continue to emerge.


Samuel H. is an author, writer and speaker with over twenty years in the educational technology sector.

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