The US Central bank is looking into digital innovation in retail payments

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The US Federal Reserve is hiring a manager to oversee its traditional payments section and to research on digital currencies, blockchain technology, and digital innovation in retail payments. The manger would be responsible for leading and managing the central bank’s retail payment services.

A job posting published by the US Federal Reserve reveals that the country’s central bank is looking into digital innovation in retail payments. The central bank is looking to hire a manager to lead and manage the bank’s retail payment services. But he would also be responsible for researching digital innovation, including cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

The candidate for the role requires to have a bachelor’s degree in business or finance and a minimum of 7 years of related experience. The job opening is a clear indication that the US is likely considering to issue a digital dollar, just like China. Earlier, two US lawmakers asked the US Federal Reserve to consider developing a digital dollar.

Last month a top US Federal Reserve official said that they are actively looking and debating about the issuance of central bank-backed digital currency.

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