PundiX (PXS) Blockchain Project Inks Deal with the Government of Cyprus

Image Source: pundix.com

PundiX Goes to Cyprus

As part of plans to integrate blockchain technology into various areas of its economy and occupy the frontline of innovation, the Republic of Cyprus has signed a memorandum of understanding with PundiX and Borghese Ventures.

Per sources close to the matter, the deal will enable Borghese and PundiX to collaborate with the government in developing highly functional blockchain solutions that will enhance the processes of a vast array of industries in Cyprus, including healthcare, law, education tech, logistics, land registry and more.

Commenting on the development the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Syllouris, reiterated that the government remains dedicated to taking advantage of the intricate properties of innovative technologies to provide new opportunities to citizens and improve lives.

He said:

“Having already signed the European Blockchain Partnership, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is firm in its stance on fostering broader deployment of blockchain-based services as an innovative technology that can improve the lives of our communities, in full compliance with EU laws.”

Earlier in July 2019, PundiX announced the integration of its XWallet into the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

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