Catherine Coley’s quest to conquer crypto

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One might mistake her as a naïve newbie yet to be ground down by an industry powered by contrarians, trolls, and—worst of all—true believers. They’d be dead wrong: she’s anything but naïve. Though just 30 years old, Coley came to the job from Ripple, where she was head of XRP Institutional Liquidity. Before that, she cut her teeth on the foreign exchange trading floor in Hong Kong a mere three years after the global financial system nearly melted down.

Her new employer, the massive global crypto exchange Binance, apparently sees in Coley the perfect candidate to lead its U.S. efforts. She’s too much of a veteran to be scared off by the regulatory uncertainty Binance faces stateside, and savvy enough to help the U.S. exchange stand out for a segment of the retail investor population confused by crypto.

The CEO job, however, does seem to be fit only for Coley: “I’m hoping that we can at least shepherd and show the way that it’s not scary, and that a little girl from Orlando can figure out how this world works and bring people towards it.”

Eric W. is a self-educated ghost writer who for the past seven years has been involved in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Digital advertising sectors as Project Director, Miner, and NRA (Network Resource Application).

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