Innovesta Technologies Announces a Strategic Partnership with, Delivering Market-First Solution for Private Investment Tech 

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Los Angeles (October 15, 2019) —  Innovesta Technologies announces its partnership with, offering investors a complete solution for investment decisions and managing a portfolio with insights never seen before. 

Incorporated in 2017, and backed by the Innovation Authority of the Israeli Government, Innovesta has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology called Innodex™ that analyzes and evaluates a vast variety of private assets.  By leveraging AI algorithms, business logic, and crowd-driven insights, Innodex™ learns, finds external signals, identifies the priorities, and creates a full, real-time view for professional investors.  It then draws on these learnings to analyze investment-related information and presents uniquely relevant insights and opportunities.

Achieved™ provides investors a secure and robust blockchain platform to invest directly in startups by linking investments to verified milestones. At such time, the designated funds are exchanged for shares, guaranteeing the execution of the project. Utilizing the blockchain platform protects investor’s funds from potential fraud and lack of project execution.

“We are very excited by this partnership with Innovesta,” says Achieved CEO Nir Samocha.  “Innovesta provides great value at the pre-investment, due diligence stage, while Achieved greatly improves the post-investment execution process. By bringing together our unique value at different stages of the investment process, we are able to offer customers outstanding value.”

“Both companies cherish the same core values of trust, transparency and objectivity,” adds Innovesta Co-founder and CEO Yali Harari.  “Both products are all about verified data that enables investors to be informed, be ahead of notable events , and effectively manage their assets. The synergy provided by this relationship gives investors a one-stop-shop, to research and manage their investments in real-time, with the additional protection and validation that only blockchain can provide”.

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Yali Harari, Co-Founder & CEO Innovesta
[email protected]

Keren Kay, Co-founder & CMO Innovesta
[email protected]

Robi Dayan, CMO, Achieved
[email protected]

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