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The Crypto Invest Summit, CIS,  conference is starting this week in Los Angeles. The week will prove to be an exciting week for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. The Los Angeles Blockchain is kicking off the week for blockchain companies, investors and entrepreneurs. L.A. Blockchain will sponsor events throughout the Los Angeles basin and will continue to Friday, October 18th.

CIS, is in its third year. It is produced by Goren Holm Ventures, and it is the leading bi-annual “gathering of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry” held at the Los Angeles convention center. It is the largest investment blockchain summit in the blockchain investment space.

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The event, held every Spring and Fall in Los Angeles, “brings together developers, entrepreneurs, startups, angel investors, venture capital investors, retail investors, family offices, real estate investors, startup entrepreneurs, issuers, exchanges, broker-dealers, service providers, and members of the media.

I had an opportunity to talk to Alon Goren, co-founder of Goren Holm Ventures and producer of CIS. When talking about what makes CIS unique among cryptocurrency conferences and meetings, he said that he was focused on bringing professionalism to the industry. This is particularly important as the industry is pretty much still in the “early, pioneering stages,” said Goren.

It is clear that there is a need to create credibility and trust for blockchain. It is of paramount importance. In light of the need to regulate and create confidence in the abilities for cryptocurrency and blockchain, it’s important to have the government back the industry. Goren noted that government representatives, the Digital Chamber of Commerce and political representatives will participate in the event.

Featured Speakers

Indeed the keynote speaker, Tedd Ross, ITA General Manager for the City of Los Angeles will be giving the keynote address on the Smart city. Los Angeles is the second largest city in terms of population and GDP in the U.S. With a population of just over 4 million, clearly there is a need to improve technology to better serve the community.

Not only will Ted Ross be speaking, but so too will other representatives of Los Angeles attend, including Miguel Sangalang, Deputy Mayor Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti—who will host L.A. Block Tank Pitch.

Additionally, Perianne Boring, Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce—will moderate “Regulatory Headwinds in the U.S.”, while Patrick South, Vice President of Development Chamber of Digital Commerce will moderate “What’s Next? Industry Outlook.”

Technical giants Microsoft and Oracle will be represented by Esther Kim, Head of IBM Blockchain North America Cross Industry Solutions, Mike Zozaya, Account Executive for Microsoft, and Steve Falconer, Architects and Solution Engineering Manager for Oracle will each be speaking at the event. In addition to these organizations, there will be dozens of speakers participating in presentations, fireside chats, and panels for the two day summit

Focus on Quality

Goren stressed that inviting speakers like these and the dozens of speakers will speak on a variety of cryptocurrency, regulatory, and blockchain use case applications. This is what makes CIS unique and accounts for its success.

Goren said that the keys to the success of CIS is that Goren Holm Ventures has made it a point not to emphasize making a profit and  not to “nickle and dime all the attendees.” Instead, the focus has been to have a 100% sponsorship funded event. This allowed him and Josef Holm to focus on securing the best speakers, and ensure that the meeting promotes the industry in a way that builds the industry so that it can be something to be proud of in the future. Sponsors, speakers, and participants are vetted to make sure they “add a lot of value to the event.”

Goren also said they wanted to ensure that every student gets in free, and they support all minority groups, veterans, and all angel investors get in free.

The Future of CIS

Goren said that his vision is to keep CIS in Los Angeles as the flagship conference. However, he and Josef Holm have their sights on developing the Security Token Summit for other cities for institutional attendance and limited to 500 attendees. The event will eventually be held in other countries.

Goren is a Southern California native, born and raised in Los Angeles. He admitted he has a bias towards L.A. and loves Los Angeles. When asked why L.A. for CIS — he says:

“Los Angeles has an incredibly talented base of engineers. It has the most creative people in the world because of the entertainment space. It has become one of the major hubs for venture capitalists, and it’s the perfect storm for a brand new technology that is transformative to the world to be based out of Los Angeles.”

Goren elaborated that L.A. is in a perfect technical location with Cal Tech and the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) located in Pasadena, and nearby UCLA the educational space is training future talent. Moreover, L.A. is a primary destination for engineering talent with engineers and coders coming to the U.S. and L.A. in particular from many other countries.

Upcoming CIS

When I asked Goren about expectations for CIS, he said:

“My goal is to surround ourselves with the smartest people in the industry, the investors with the best reputation and the smartest and best companies.

We have a really fun and exciting event ahead of us. There will be a lot of great events around the Los Angeles Blockchain week. I think the foundation will be laid for a lot of exciting things with Blocktank, Chamber Digital of Commerce the next day, and entrepreneurs who are launching decentralized finance products—which is probably the thing I am most passionate about. And a lot of investors who are coming to check out all those companies—it’s just really exciting.”

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