Pundi X unveils Blok On Blok (BOB): The world-first fully blockchain-powered smartphone at IFA 2019

Image Source: ciol.com

Pundi X has unveiled the new look and name of its fully blockchain-powered smartphone at IFA 2019.

Previously known as “XPhone”, “Blok on Blok (BOB)” is now the official product name to be launched in the market. BOB will be the first smartphone where every bit of data will be executed on the Function X blockchain ecosystem, a novel service framework by improving the existing internet and blockchain architectures. No centralized service providers will be able to keep users’ data while using their services. This means that calls, text and every digital platform the user access will be fully decentralized, giving it a layer.

Central to BOB’s features is to allow users to seamlessly switch between blockchain mode and Android mode. Blockchain mode will run on the open source f(x) OS and will contain all of BOB’s decentralized processes, while Android mode will resemble the traditional Android-powered devices many are familiar with today.

BOB will not only give users complete control over their data, it will also let users personalize its design. While BOB’s internal and external design have gone through a long journey ever since it was introduced to the world as the XPhone.

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