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“Communities are collections of people who believe in shared stories. Shared stories allow people to work with people they don’t already know.”—Yuval Harari

As a programmer early in my career, I often needed help outside the scope of the company I was working for. I found the help in online forums, or in associations related to my specialty. These were the communities that I depended on for ongoing professional and programming support.

A simple definition of a community: Those who live in the same place or have a common characteristic or interest, such as the “the scientific community”. They can be a common group, section, body, company. Communities provide a fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Historian and philosopher Yuval Harari says that communities “are collections of people who believe in shared stories. Shared stories allow people to work with people they don’t already know.” They allow complete strangers to form a trusted relationship even when they have just met. It is the connection of the community that allows the trust. In community we trust members which allows each other to start cooperating without fear of repercussion or malice.

And so it is with blockchain that communities have been developed. They provide a forum to share ideas, and a location of trusted professionals. Many of which can be found on Telegram and Reddit Inc. They’ve developed organically, while others are companies with a specific charter to support the cryptocurrency and blockchain project development.

Communities for Blockchain

Mina Down writing for Hackernoon notes that companies are emerging to support blockchain development. With as many new projects and use case applications that are coming online, having access or simply knowing where to go to gain the trusted knowledge—a community can offer is support and knowledge that can be applied to your project team.

An example of a blockchain “community management” company is one that is dedicated “to the incubation and management of Initial Token/Coin Offerings (IT/COs),” writes Down. Many companies are looking to develop an integrated ecosystem where IT/COs are managed, whitepapers are written, user communities created and fostered, and the exchange of cryptocurrencies are enabled.

Management community companies can be quite useful for cryptocurrency projects to “prepare, design, and develop community-building strategies that are legally compliant for start-ups,” says Down, adding that the company’s efforts provide a first line support—allowing the development team to focus on development and deliverables.

One company example provided by Down, is The Collective Community Development Company (Collective). It is a Fintech company expanding its ecosystem to include the creation and management of IT/COs, and community management more generally.

Here’s an example of services offered by Collective:

      • Increasing a company’s social media
      • White paper development
      • Provide access to a network of influencers
      • Integrated Digital Exchange

Forums for Blockchain and ICOs?

Image Source: Telegram app – Here we have Communities spread around the world that consist of , news sites, cryptocurrency communities and unofficial communities.


Community companies and forums are not limited to cryptocurrency, you can also find forums for blockchain development.

If your project is an ICO, cryptocurrency, or blockchain-based platform, you may find it difficult to find community platforms that discuss general topics. The following list of forums from Quora offers a good starting point.

ICOCRYPTO. A Reddit forum that will help you with latest ICOs and what’s happening in the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency. From latest news to discussions and arguments, this Reddit forum also has a lot of interesting stuff on cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain. Latest news and discussions on blockchain. A private group, you will need to be invited.

ICO. Also on Reddit, this ICO forum gives you access to the latest ICOs in the industry.

UpcomingICOs.  A community on telegram, with over 8,700 members. If you are hungry for the latest and upcoming cryptos and ICOs, this Telegram group is your home.

Bitcoin Talk. This is the Bitcoin Community’s homepage. Created by Satoshi Nakamoto, it was launched in 2009.

CryptoCurrencyTalk. Created in 2013, very active forum, with topics on economics, cryptocurrency forums, mining, and more.

CryptoList. This is a GitHub list of cryptocurrency resources and links to them. It gives you a list of news platforms and magazines, Telegram chat groups, online communities, forums on both Reddit and BitcoinTalk, etc.
Source:, September 12, 2019.


As a new or seasoned developer you can join the conversation. Contribute to the community of ideas to help foster the growth and integrity of the blockchain community. As a project and team leader, communities are a terrific way to stay abreast of what is available in the real world that you can bring back to your team.

We’ve always had them, in one form or another: The water cooler. Blockchain communities allow you gather around the water cooler and share ideas where you will find that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy!


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