Why China’s Rushing to Mint Its Own Digital Currency

(Bloomberg) — The People’s Bank of China is poised to become the first major central bank to issue a digital version of its currency, the yuan, seeking to keep up with — and control of — a rapidly digitizing economy. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, though, dealing in the digital yuan won’t have any presumption of total anonymity, and its value will be as stable as the physical yuan, which will be sticking around […]

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And this is the explanation why USA runs the global market. — #maps #economy Global currency market surpasses $5 trillion dollars on a daily basis. By far, the United Stated dollar is the most traded currency, about $2.23 trillion dollars are traded every day, this is to say that 43.81% of all business are done with USD. Followed by euro, with $795 billions, is the second most traded currency. Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling third and forth. — #mapas #economía El mercado internacional de moneda sobrepasa los $5 billones de dólares a diario. Por mucho, el dólar estadounidense es la moneda más comerciada, cerca de $2.23 billones de dólares son negociados todos los días, es decir que el 43.81% de todos los negocios se hacen en USD. Seguido por el euro, con $795 mil millones, es la segunda moneda más comerciada. El yen japonés y la libra esterlina son la tercera y cuarta, respectivamente. — #mapas #economia O mercado de câmbio global ultrapassa $5 trilhões diariamente. De longe, o dólar estadunidense é a moeda mais negociada, cerca de $2,23 trilhões são negociados todos os dias, isto é, 43,81% de todos os negócios são feitos com USD. Seguido pelo euro, com $795 bilhões, sendo a segunda mais negociada. Iene japonês e libra esterlina são consecutivos terceiro e quarto. — #dollar #euro #yen #pound #yuan #US #europe #germany #france #UK #japan #mexico #canada #australia #sweden #switzerland #china #sweden #geographicssv

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