China’s Stablecoin is Likely the Only One the Country Will Allow

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Facebook’s June announcement the Libra project sent large parts of the world’s regulatory and financial spheres into a flurry of activity. In the US and the EU, hearings were scheduled and task forces formed. In other parts of the world, governments of developing countries began to take preemptive measures to keep the coin out of the hands of their citizens. China’s reaction to Libra, however, was unique. Rather than taking direct action against Libra, […]

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The country which has a “love-hate relationship” with cryptocurrency. The country which was one of the first to ban initial coin offerings, block cryptocurrency exchanges and has put restrictions on mining for digital tokens is coming up with its form of virtual cash. Can you guess the country? Yes, you are right, it is none other but China. Let’s check out what exactly is going behind all this and why has a country like China which frowns on cryptocurrency, is coming up with its cryptocurrency on Finvert’s latest article by @pratikjaju7 & @omkar0508 – "China is coming up with cryptocurrency – shock or surprise?" . Head to our profile bio to get the link to the article Follow us for more such posts and share among your network Happy finverting! . . . . . . #fintech #cryptocurrency #china #loveorhatecrypto #PBOC #finance #finvert #NMIMS

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