Google Searches for ‘Recession’ Just Hit a Scary High

By CCN Markets : Anyone with a passing interest in the financial markets knows that recession bells are ringing across Wall Street . And, according to Google search trends, the panic is beginning to spread to the general public. Search volume for the word ‘recession’ shot up in mid-August as the stock market plunged. Using Google’s somewhat mysterious search data, interest went from three points to 100 in two weeks. Google trends data reveals […]

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In June 2019, the United States was the country with the largest gold reserves. The reserves of the U.S. were over twice as large as those of second-placed Germany, and nearly four times as large as the reserves of number three, Italy. The largest producer of gold worldwide, China, ranked sixth, with a gold reserve of almost 2,000 metric tons. In 2018, the country mined roughly 400 metric tons of gold, or nearly 100 tons more than Australia, the second-largest gold producer in the world. With the uncertainty on the stock market caused by political and economic unrest and the continued low interest rates, gold has sparked the interest of many an investor. As the international gold price has remained relatively stable in the past few years, gold has provided them with an interesting alternative investment option 🔥💰🚀📈 Source: Statista

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