Walmart files patent for blockchain drones

The retail giant Walmart has filed a patent application for a drone-to-drone communications protocol using blockchain technology. The solution would encrypt parameters of one drone and store that information on a blockchain to deliver to a second drone. The patented technology would be able to detect when the second drone is close to the first drone and act accordingly by “retrieving the encrypted operational parameters of the first drone from the block of the […]

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Across many different industries, drones represent a whole host of opportunities. Here’s a list of their top 7 civilian uses: 1.Retail (drone deliveries) 2.Transportation (two-seater drones are currently in their trial phase) 3.Entertainment (this includes a rise in drone sports/races) 4.Agriculture (they can monitor land, spray crops, and even herd cattle) 5.Search and Rescue (drones a safe alternative for search and rescue missions) 6.Security (their bird’s eye view makes them the ultimate surveillance tool) 7.Construction (3D mapping, aerial surveys, job site safety, and commercial filming) Drones have a wide-variety of uses, with this technology representing the future for many industries. If you would like to make use of drone technology within the construction sector – this is where SAS can be of assistance. Please contact us for a consultation +44 7568308994 / [email protected] #droneuses #dronefacts #dronenews #sas #specialairsurveys #dronedelivery #dronedeliveries #dronetransport #dronesecurity #dronesurveilance #droneraces #droneentertainment #dronenews #dronelife #dronesports #dronefarming #dronetechnology #droneagriculture #drones #drone #dronepilots #dronephotography #dronefilming #droneconsultants #droneservices #dronesurveys #aerialsurveys #uavsurveys

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