UK Crypto Regulation Is Changing, Recognition Looming at Long Last

The United Kingdom has long been a financial mecca. Ever since the Big Bang and the arrival of Thatcherism in the ‘80s, Britain has cultivated a finance-friendly environment revolving around the city of London , with deregulation inviting a wave of foreign investment and trading activity. However, while it has even been suggested that London will overtake San Francisco as the fintech unicorn capital of the world, the U.K. has been less welcoming of […]

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FCA: Tackles overdraft rules on new consultation paper #banking #Compliance #FCA #FinancialConductAuthority #FinancialServices/Finserv #Regulation #RetailBanking Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): UK’s financial regulator, tackles overdraft rules on new consultation paper In the paper, the regulator’s proposals require firms to publish overdraft prices and fees FCA wants to improve transparency and raise awareness on firms’ overdraft charges They change rules on auto enrolment into alerts to help firms improve customer experience They will also promote more effective competition for overdrafts Recently, the regulator introduced rules to protect investors in the P2P sector FCA warned that these changes are relevant for providers of personal current accounts Link:

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