Internet Security Provider Cloudflare Announces an Ethereum Gateway

Internet security provider Cloudflare is introducing the Ethereum Gateway to its Distributed Web Gateway toolbox enabling users to interact with the Ethereum network without installing any software. This is part of Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Gateway project to expand the decentralized web ecosystem and enhance its reliability, speed, and ease of use. Instead of downloading and cryptographically verifying hundreds of gigabytes of data — an impossible task for low-power devices and those with low technical […]

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This week content-delivery network Cloudflare announced an experimental deployment of a new web privacy technology called ESNI. Here's how it works: Server Name Indication (SNI) is 15-year-old tech that allows a single server to host multiple HTTPS web sites. Unfortunately, SNI itself is unencrypted and transmits the name of the site you’re visiting. That lets ISPs, people with access to tap Internet backbones, or even someone monitoring a wifi network collect a list of the sites you visit. (HTTPS will still prevent them from seeing exactly what you did on those sites.) Cloudflare has proposed a technical standard for encrypted SNI, or “ESNI,” which can hide the identities of the sites you visit—particularly when a large number of sites are hosted on a single set of IP addresses, as is common with CDN hosting. We’re thrilled about Cloudflare’s leadership in this area and all the work that they and the IETF community have done to make ESNI a reality. As it gets rolled out, we think ESNI will give a huge boost to the goal of reducing what other people know about what you do online. . . #server #security #encryption #diagram #internet #eff #privacy #digitalrights #cloudflare

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